Gelato Network
SDK methods
Let's get into the nitty gritty...

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    Find out which SDK method is for you!
  2. 2.
    Deploy a compatible contract, or use one of ours (see code example links below)!
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    If you would like ERC-2771 support, set GelatoRelay.sol as a trusted forwarder: 0xaBcC9b596420A9E9172FD5938620E265a0f9Df92
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    Run the code examples found on each SDK method page:
That's all it takes to get started with Gelato Relay and the Gelato Relay SDK!
We hope you have as much fun using Gelato Relay as we did building it!
Any feedback, please get in touch!

If your codebase is not JS compatible, you can use the Gelato Relay API directly. Please find the API docs here.
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