Written Tutorial
To submit a task, head to the Gelato Ops UI.
Click on New Task.
  • Choose a name for your task. (e.g. "Harvest vault every 10 minutes")

Execution contract details

  • Fill in the contract address of the function you want to automate.
  • Select the function you want to automate.
If your function accepts arguments
  • Choose how you want your arguments to be passed.
If you are not sure about this, see Define function inputs

When to execute

Pre-define inputs

With pre-defined inputs chosen, you will see two options.
Time - Task will be recurringly executed by the time given by the user with an interval.
Whenever possible - Task will be executed continuously whenever the transaction will not fail.
Make sure the function can only be executed from time to time if "Whenever possible" is selected

Dynamic inputs via resolver

If you are using a resolver, fill in the resolver address that is deployed.

Paying for fees

Choose how you would like to pay for the execution fees for your task.
Deposit some tokens if "Gelato Balance" is chosen.
If you are not sure about this, see Fee payment options .


Once your task creation transaction is mined, you will be redirected to the Task Page.
Here you can see details and monitor your task.
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