What is Gelato?

Web3's decentralized backend

Gelato is web3’s decentralized backend empowering builders to create augmented smart contracts that are automated, gasless & off-chain aware on all major EVM-compatible blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Optimism and many more.

Gelato currently offers 4 main services:

  • Web3 Functions: Connect your smart contracts to off-chain data & computation by running decentralized cloud functions.

  • Automate: Automate your smart contracts by executing transactions automatically in a reliable, developer-friendly & decentralized manner.

  • Relay: Give your users access to reliable, robust and scalable gasless transactions via a simple to use API.

  • Gasless Wallet: A powerful SDK that enables developers to provide a wordclass UX by combining Gelato Relay + Safe's Smart Contract Wallet to enable Account Abstraction.

Over 200+ web3 projects rely on Gelato for years to power the execution of millions of transactions across DeFi, NFT and Gaming.


Gelato is web3's decentralized backend that empowers the world to run on smart contracts.

Our mission is to solve the issues of lacking reliability, scalability, and centralization around web3 applications that want to augment their smart contracts with off-chain computation capabilities to overcome the limitations that current EVM based blockchains impose on them. Gelato solves these issues by providing decentralized backend services that enables developers to make their smart contracts automated, gasless and off-chain aware.


We measure the success of Gelato by the time we accelerated worldwide adoption of smart contracts and web3 technology. This is why we pledged to help developers to onboard the first billion users to web3 by taking care of all their web3 backend services needs so they can focus on building a stellar UX that rivals those of their web2 counterparts.

Users of Gelato

We've been working with the world's leading projects in the web3 space, from blockchain protocols to DeFi apps and wallets.

  • MakerDAO: DeFi's oldest lending protocol where the stablecoin DAI is created

  • Safe: The most trusted decentralized custody protocol and collective asset management platform on Ethereum and the EVM

  • Connext: The leading protocol for fast, fully noncustodial transfers and contract calls between EVM-compatible chains

  • Optimism: One of the most widely used Ethereum L2 scaling solutions

  • Olympus: A community-owned, decentralized and censorship-resistant reserve currency

  • PancakeSwap: The #1 AMM on BNB Chain with over $100 million daily trading volume

  • Beefy Finance: A decentralized, multi-chain yield optimizer platform on Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, and 10 other blockchain networks

  • Abracadabra: Multichain lending and borrowing protocol which generates the stablecoin MIM

and many more...

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