How it works

Our mission is to provide developers with modular web3 devops services they can use to build decentralized and robust protocols.

To accomplish this, Gelato Network operates as a marketplace bringing together two parties: developers wanting to automate transactions on one side and infrastructure operators on the other side who run executor bots looking for tasks to complete in return for a small fee.

Key Benefits

  1. No need to self-host servers on AWS or other cloud providers

  2. RPC aggregation with multiple fallbacks

  3. Reliable transaction relay service that always gets transactions mined fast

  4. Catches reorgs automatically

  5. Multi-chain; works with the most popular EVM-compatible networks

  6. No single point of failure; multiple Executors are operating all over the world

  7. No need to self-manage your private key in the cloud

  8. Built-in consensus / coordination layer to avoid racing conditions

  9. Flexible payment options; pay with a prepaid balance or have txs pay themselves

  10. Cost effective: cheaper than building, running & maintaining custom servers

Economies of scale

The Gelato Network is a sustainable, revenue-generating protocol. The network is β€œtransaction hungry” β€” the more transactions are being automated via the infrastructure services of Executors, the less they need to get paid per transaction, in order to cover their fixed infrastructure costs.

Executors will justify the costs of running their infrastructure by the increase in transaction quantity and not the rise of value captured by individuals’ transactions. This makes Gelato more cost effective to use for dApps than running their own centralized keeper system.

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