Verifier Node Package


Gelato provides a complete ecosystem for successful node sales. We equip you with node clients and smart contracts, connect you with key Launchpad and Node-as-a-Service partners. This end-to-end solution ensures you have everything needed to run a successful node sale, from technical infrastructure to community engagement.

Benefits of Gelato Verifier Node:

  • Community Engagement: Encourage community members to take an active role in securing the rollup, fostering a sense of ownership and participation. Add value and utility to the project by requiring Node Licenses to be purchased and held by node operators.

  • Revenue Source: Projects can use Verifier Nodes as a revenue source. Successful projects have raised significant funds through Node Licenses sales, providing a steady revenue stream over an extended period.

  • Decentralization: Verifier Nodes enable projects to decentralize their rollups by allowing users to verify blocks and secure the network in exchange for rewards, enhancing network security and robustness.

  • Security and Reliability: All smart contracts and the node client provided by Gelato undergo rigorous audits, ensuring maximum security from the start.

Gelato Verifier Node Package Includes:

  • Smart Contracts: Essential contracts for running the Node Sale, including the NodeKey NFT, Referee.sol, and NodeRewards.sol. These contracts serve as the baseline and can be customized by projects to fit their specific requirements.

  • Node Client: A user-friendly client for community members to easily set up and run Verifier Nodes. The Node Client allows operators to verify batches on everyday hardware without needing to run a full node, lowering barriers to entry and encouraging broader participation.

  • Hosted Node Integrations: Partnerships with node hosting providers to offer a simplified node running experience for less technically savvy users

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