➡️Initiate an Automated Transaction

An execution attempt in Gelato allows you to pre-define the inputs for a function. By doing so, every time Gelato calls the function, it uses the same arguments, ensuring consistent behavior in your automated tasks.

1. Prepare Your Smart Contract for Automation

  • Identify Your Smart Contract: Ensure you have the correct smart contract address and know the specific function you want to automate.

  • Function Restrictions: Some functions may not be compatible with Gelato due to certain restrictions. Familiarize yourself with these to ensure seamless automation.

2. Set Your Trigger Condition

  • Choosing Your Trigger: Gelato allows you to set specific conditions to determine when your function is called. This could be at regular intervals (time interval) or based on specific events (cron expression).

  • No Custom Code Required: For initiating tranaction tasks, there's no need for you to write code. Simply set your desired trigger and move forward.

Finally, Click on "Create Task" button! Its just that simple!

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