Oracles provide external data (like temperature, price feeds, etc.) to smart contracts, bridging the gap between off-chain and on-chain environments.

Redstone (Natively Integrated)

RedStone oracle delivers frequently updated, reliable, and diverse data feeds for your dApp and smart contracts on the L2 Chain.

Redstone is live with:

Price Feeds: Offering over 1000 feeds for data on crypto, stocks, currencies, commodities, and ETFs.

NFT Data Feeds: Providing floor price data for 20 popular NFT collections from OpenSea.

Randomness: Using entropy from Drand to generate pseudo-random numbers in smart contracts.


Pyth provides smart contracts with fast, reliable market data from top-tier sources, ideal for building applications with high-accuracy Oracle feeds for critical systems.

Pyth is live with:

Price Feeds: Pyth offers real-time data from real-world markets by delivering verified information from first-party sources on a sub-second timescale and includes 388 distinct price feeds.

Benchmarks: Access historical market data directly from any Pyth feed for application in both on- and off-chain environments.


API3 provides decentralized and trust-minimized off-chain data through first-party oracles without intermediaries for your L2 Chain.

API3 is live with:

dAPIs: First-party aggregated data feeds sourced directly from the data providers.

Airnode: The first-party serverless Oracle solution to bring any REST API onchain.

QRNG: Quantum Random Number Generator for verifiable quantum RNG onchain.


DIA is a cross-chain data platform that delivers customizable data feeds from 80+ sources for your L2 Chain.

DIA is live with:

Token Price Feeds: Providing market price feeds for over 3,000 tokens, sourced from multiple high-volume markets.

NFT Floor Price Feeds: Delivering multi-source and trade-based accurate pricing for more than 18,000 NFT collections.

LST Price Feeds: Offering fair-value based pricing for 10 LST tokens that account for the collateral ratio.

On-chain Randomness: Facilitate the building of DeFi and GameFi dApps with DIA's multi-chain randomness, featuring 2,880 updates per day.

DIA Oracle Builder: Enables building, deploying, and monitoring of custom oracles, instantly and autonomously

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