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Gelato RaaS (Rollup-as-a-Service) provides tools for deploying, hosting, and managing Ethereum rollup chains efficiently. This platform offers both zero-knowledge and optimistic rollup technologies with various data availability layers to enhance scalability and reduce transaction costs.

Execution Frameworks

- OP Stack - Arbitrum Orbit - Polygon CDK

Data Availability

- Celestia - Avail - EigenDA

Gelato RaaS offers native integrations with Gelato’s Web3 middleware services, including automation, off-chain data, and Account Abstraction, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, it provides out-of-the-box access to web3 services like Etherscan, The Graph, and LayerZero.

This documentation presents detailed guides on:

Why Choose Gelato RaaS?

Easy to deploy

Gelato RaaS features an intuitive UI for no-code deployment, monitoring, and management of Ethereum rollups. It reduces engineering overhead, allowing developers to focus on new features. Gelato handles infrastructure dependencies and essential web3 service integrations, significantly reducing deployment and maintenance time.

Modularity & Performance

Gelato RaaS adopts a modular architecture, separating data availability and consensus from execution. This improves performance and customization, supporting scalable and cost-effective solutions like Rollups, Validiums, and Plasma. It is ideal for high-volume applications with low transaction fees, such as on-chain gaming and DeFi platforms.

Natively Integrated Tools & Services

Gelato RaaS integrates with popular Web3 tools, offering smart contract automation, secure data access, gasless transactions, verifiable random numbers, and auto-scaling RPC nodes. It also integrates with over 23 third-party infrastructure providers, supporting features like Safe UI, indexers, oracles, and bridges.

High Reliability & Multi-Cloud

Gelato's RaaS provides a multi-cloud, globally distributed infrastructure designed for high availability and fault tolerance, ensuring a resilient and robust setup that mitigates service disruptions.

Dive Deeper into the Gelato RaaS

Follow our simple Getting Started guide to launch your Layer-2 / Layer-3 Chains with Gelato.

  • Follow our simple Getting Started guide to launch your Layer-2 Chains with Gelato.

  • For a detailed overview of Gelato's offerings, read our Execution Framework section to learn about available execution and data availability solutions.

  • Explore our turnkey marketplace offering with more than 25+ integrations

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