ERC2771 Migration Guide

How to migrate to the new Gelato Relay ERC2771 contracts

This only applies if you are using @gelatonetwork/relay-sdk v3 or contracts from the package @gelatonetwork/relay-context v2

Gelato Relay ERC2771 proxy contracts are immutable for security reasons. We have deployed new versions of our ERC2771 proxy contracts with enhanced security: GelatoRelayERC2771.sol and GelatoRelay1BalanceERC2771.sol, new addresses of which you can find here.

To support these new contracts, Relay Context Contracts found in the package @gelatonetwork/relay-context have been updated to version v3, along with the Gelato Relay SDK package @gelatonetwork/relay-sdk, which has been updated to version v4.

Gelato Relay continues to support ERC2771 contracts that inherit from the legacy @gelatonetwork/relay-context v2, so you can upgrade at your own convenience. Nevertheless we recommend you to upgrade as soon as possible to ensure optimal security, features and support.

To illustrate package and contract compatibility please refer to the following matrix:

Gelato Relay ERC2771 Contractrelay-sdkrelay-context

Legacy GelatoRelayERC2771.sol: 0xBf175FCC7086b4f9bd59d5EAE8eA67b8f940DE0d



GelatoRelayERC2771.sol: 0xb539068872230f20456CF38EC52EF2f91AF4AE49



GelatoRelay1BalanceERC2771.sol: 0xd8253782c45a12053594b9deB72d8e8aB2Fca54c



Please note that contract addresses differ on zkSync Era.

Using @gelatonetwork/relay-sdk v3 with contracts inheriting from @gelatonetwork/relay-context v3, or using @gelatonetwork/relay-sdk v4 with contracts inheriting from @gelatonetwork/relay-context v2 won't work, as they refer to different Gelato Relay ERC2771 contracts.

Migration steps

  1. If you deployed contracts that inherit from @gelatonetwork/relay-context - update the package version and either upgrade or redeploy your contracts.

    • If you are using sponsoredCallERC2771 in combination with ERC2771Context.sol - make sure to use the new GelatoRelay1BalanceERC2771.sol contract address as the trustedForwarder which you can find here.

  2. If you are using @gelatonetwork/relay-sdk - update the package version in your project.

  3. Make sure you use your newly upgraded/deployed contract addresses with the updated Gelato Relay SDK package.

If you cannot upgrade or redeploy your ERC2771-compatible contracts, please contact us to find a future-proof solution together.

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