Subscription Plans

How to view and manage your Gelato subscription plans

To see your current plan or explore other options, please visit Gelato Network Subscriptions. This page provides detailed information on plan specifications and pricing, helping you choose the right plan for your project.


We have launched subscription plans for some of our services to provide your project with access to increased thresholds and premium features at a predictable monthly cost, billed seamlessly from 1Balance.

Web3 Functions is the first Gelato service to have this feature. When you go to your 1Balance page and login you will see which subscription plan(s) you have active. By default you are enrolled on our free Accelerate plan which we subsidize.

Clicking on Limits & costs unfolds a panel that details your plan limits and the premiums applied to your transactions. For more information on how these work please see the Fees & Limits section in Web3 Functions.

Upgrading your subscription

You can upgrade your subscription immediately at any time. Click on the Manage button to display the subscriptions managements page.

To upgrade your plan, simply click on the Upgrade button for the plan you would like to move up to. You will be asked to confirm the selection. On confirmation, payment will be taken from your 1Balance and your new limits will take immediate effect.

How subscription payments work

Subscription plans renew monthly. 3-days before the end of the month the system will take payment for the upcoming month. For example, on 28th June the system will take payment for your July subscription. If you have insufficient balance, the system will retry every 24 hours.

If payment has not been taken by the start of your new month the system will downgrade you to the free plan.

We are working on an alerts service to notify you of any upcoming subscription payments and warn you of any problems taking payment

Custom Subscription Plans

We offer tailored plans for customers with particular limit or transaction premium needs. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

When you have upgraded to a custom plan you will see your limits and costs when you are logged into your account.

Downgrading & Cancelling

You can cancel or downgrade your plan at any time.

Downgrades or cancellations take effect from the end of the calendar month in which they are triggered. For example, if you are on the Growth Plan and cancel mid-June then you will be downgraded to the Accelerate plan from 1syt July onwards.

If you Cancel or Downgrade and change your mind before the end of the month you can reactivate your current plan at any point before the end of the month.


To receive email notifications regarding upcoming subscription payments and renewals please setup your notifications.

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