Data Indexers

Data indexers organize and index blockchain data, enhancing the efficiency of data retrieval and querying for applications and users.

The Graph

The Graph The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, simplifying access to data that is otherwise difficult to query directly.

The Graph is live with:

Subgraph: Extracts data from a blockchain, processing it and storing it so that it can be easily queried via GraphQL.


Goldsky is the go-to data indexer for web3 builders, offering high-performance subgraph hosting and real-time data replication pipelines.

Goldsky is live with:

Subgraph: Customized endpoint that allows applications or backends to directly access live, real-time data, eliminating the need for maintenance.

Mirror: Goldsky's Mirror feature provides a tool for directly streaming live data into databases or data warehouses, enabling easy and efficient data integration.

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