At Gelato, we have a strong ecosystem of vetted 3rd party infrastructure providers for rapid deployment of your tailored App or Ecosystem chains. At Gelato, we handle all heavy liftingβ€”no negotiations or manual setups are required. Gelato Rollups go beyond standard offerings by integrating essential services from the Genesis block onwards. Each Gelato RaaS chain comes equipped with;

RPC: Query and transact with your rollup via high-performance APIs

Block Explorer: View and search transaction histories, block details and network activity

Bridge UI: Easily transfer assets between your rollup and its Layer 1 network

TX Debugger: Inspect, trace and debug transactions to help identify and fix issues

Account Abstraction: Simplified user accounts based on smart-contracts

Web3 Functions: Comprehensive automation solution supporting both on & off-chain data

VRF Randomness: Secure and verifiable way to generate random numbers

Multi-sig Support: Enhanced security requiring multiple parties to agree on tx executions

On/Off-Ramps: Easy conversion between fiat currencies and your L2 cryptos

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