Community is a dynamic network of web3 users and partners that engages and grows through reward-based loyalty programs, digital credential interaction, and NFT Marketplace.


Galxe is the leading platform for building web3 communities with more than +14m users, It has powered the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and over 4k partners with reward-based loyalty programs.

Galxe is live with:

Loyalty Programs: Helps protocols to build loyalty programs using web3 credentials, Soul Bound Tokens, and to enhance community engagement.

Galxe Passport: Provides a large on-chain KYC solution with over 455K current holders. is a modular community toolkit and CRM for managing membership, Sybil protection, and campaigns for your onchain community is live with:

Access Management: Infrastructure for creating portable memberships and social structures across both on-chain and off-chain platforms.

Real-time Interaction: Utilizes a powerful query engine for blockchain interaction, supporting asset tracking and community management.


With RaribleX, deploy your own custom NFT marketplace on your L2.

RaribleX is live with:

Revenue Opportunities: Primary sales, custom fees, protected royalties, auctions, delayed/instant reveals, and packs.

Customization: Tailored features like UI, rewards programs, and native token support.

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