💰Pricing & Rate Limits


In order for the network to be sustainable & decentralized, Gelato Nodes charge fees for running off-chain computation and executing transactions.

Our default method is to pay for all your Web3 Function costs across all networks from a single balance using Gelato 1Balance.

Transaction Charges

Each transaction that Gelato Nodes execute require a small fee to incentivize Nodes to adhere to the protocol and get your transactions included into your desired blockchain in a fast and secure fashion.

To achieve this, Nodes charge a fee as a percentage of total gas cost for the executed transaction. This varies across networks - Nodes charge higher premiums on cheaper networks and vice versa.

Table 1 - Fee premiums as a percentage of total gas cost per network. Testnet transactions are subsidized by Gelato.

These transaction premiums can be customised for users. Please reach out to us here to discuss your needs.

Request Limits

VRF requests are using Gelato Web3 functions under the hood, which subsidize the first 10.000 requests per months. If you target an higher number of requests, please check Web3 functions subscriptions plans to upgrade to an higher tier.

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