The new teams feature is designed to enhance collaboration, allowing multiple users to work together seamlessly within the Gelato ecosystem. This feature enables developers and project teams to manage their Gelato Functions tasks and Relay tasks collectively, ensuring a more efficient and coordinated workflow.

Getting started with Teams

Creating a Team

  • To begin creating your team, go to the Gelato app.

  • Select the Settings tab from the sidebar.

  • Click on the Team tab within Settings.

Managing Team Members and Roles

  • The Team Owner (the address connected to the team's 1Balance) has the highest level of access and can add as well as remove other team members.

Subscription Management

  • Transaction History Visibility: Team members have access to view the transaction history, allowing for a transparent overview of all actions taken within the account.

  • Subscription Details and Management: Beyond viewing, team members can actively manage the subscription details.

Important: Given that any team member can alter the subscription plan, it's vital to maintain clear communication within the team regarding such changes. This ensures that all members are aligned with the decision, safeguarding the account's stability and service continuity.

Adding Team Members

  • Under the Manage team section, you'll find options to add team members.

  • Enter the Wallet addresses (EOA) of your team members in the provided field.

  • Click on Add Member.

Removing Team Members

  • To remove a member, click on the trash icon next to their address.

Switching Teams

  • Access your profile by clicking on the top right corner

  • Select your team

  • Instantly switch by clicking on your desired team

Teams for 1Balance

The 1Balance feature within Gelato allows team members to collaboratively manage funds with transparency and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Deposits: Any team member can deposit funds into the 1Balance account, ensuring the team has the necessary resources for task execution.

  • Balance Visibility: Every team member can view the current balance, providing clear insight into available resources.

Teams in Relay

Team members have full access to Relay features, enabling collective management just like the team owner. This includes:

Key Features

  • Viewing Tasks: Team members can view all Relay tasks set up by the team.

  • Setting Tasks: Any team member can create and manage Relay tasks, allowing for a distributed approach to task management.

Note: Team members also have the capability to refresh API keys. It's important to be mindful of this, as refreshing API keys can significantly impact applications relying on them. Make sure to coordinate with your team when performing such actions to avoid unintended disruptions.

Teams in Functions

Within the Functions section, your team currently has the ability to:

Key Features

  • Task Visibility: Within the Functions section, team members have visibility over tasks created by the team owner. This access allows for a transparent overview of the automations set in place, although direct interaction with these tasks is reserved solely for the owner

  • Restricted Task Creation: Currently, creating or modifying W3F tasks is limited to the owner. This ensures that only authorized changes are made, maintaining the integrity and security of the functions.

While team members can view the Function tasks, active manipulation of these tasks is not possible without the owner's intervention. Executing or modifying tasks entails on-chain transactions which require confirmation exclusively from the owner's address.

Multisig and Team Management

For projects leveraging multisig wallets for enhanced security and shared governance, it is recommended to set up the multisig wallet as the owner account. When using a multisig wallet as the owner:

  • Team members, through their individual externally owned accounts (EOAs), can view and deposit into the 1Balance account associated with the multisig.

  • Relay applications can be sponsored by the multisig, enabling multiple team members to manage these applications

To streamline the process, teams can log in via Safe into the Gelato app.

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