Account Abstraction

Account abstraction simplifies user experiences by enabling smart contracts to handle transaction rules and account permissions.

Safe (Natively Integrated)

Safe is a customizable non-custodial wallet infrastructure powered by MPC enabling quick user onboarding to Web3 via familiar OAuth logins across web and mobile platforms.

Safe is live with:

Safe{Core} Account Abstraction (AA) SDK: Simplify integrating Safe with third parties and abstract the complexity of setting up a smart contract account.

Safe {Core} Protocol: Discover, integrate, and develop using Safe’s robust, battle-tested smart contract account standard and its programmable modules.


Zerodev is an embedded wallet powered by account abstraction (AA) that enables users to interact seamlessly with DApps through AA wallets, offering them significant user experience benefits.

  • Facilitate self-custody wallets with Web2 logins, removing seed phrase dependency

  • Simplify gas payments by sponsoring or accepting ERC20 tokens like USDC

  • Enhance user experience with batched transactions, fewer signing prompts, and offline automation

  • Enable wallet recovery for users with lost login credentials


Privy offers a unified library for web3 authentication enabling onboarding with options for email, social sign-ins, and embedded wallet creation for your L2

Authentication: Integrate familiar web2-style user experience features like email and social media sign-ins, ensuring easy and efficient user authentication.

Embedded Wallets: Self-custodial Ethereum wallets that integrate directly into your app, enabling users to effortlessly perform wallet-based actions on your site without the need for an external wallet.


Biconomy offers full Stack Account Abstraction with modular smart accounts, paymasters, and bundlers for your L2.

Biconomy is live with:

Modular smart accounts: Add UX capability by easily & securely plugging in programmable modules like social logins, batching transactions, and session keys.

Paymaster-as-a-Service: Abstract gas complexities with flexible payment options by offering gas payment options in all major stablecoins, WETH & WBTC or get it sponsored.

Bundler-as-a-Service: Execute ERC4337 UserOps which is designed to automatically scale up or down as per your dApp traffic with accurate ERC4337 Gas Estimates.


Web3Auth is a customizable wallet infrastructure enabling quick user onboarding to Web3 via familiar OAuth logins across web and mobile platforms for your L2s

Web3Auth is live with:

MPC/TSS: Utilize Web3Auth’s MPC architecture for transaction signing with distributed partial keys and TSS for final blockchain signature generation.

Whitelabeled Wallet UI: Fully customize your wallet's user interface on mobile and web to match your brand.

Fiat-to-Crypto API: Partner with leading providers for competitive rates and high global conversions.

Identity Verification: Implement β€˜Sign-in With Ethereum’ and CAIP proposals for server-side user verification.

Account Abstraction: Leverage Account Abstraction and MPC for a simplified, gas-less, and innovative Web3 user experience.

BYO Auth/Identity Provider: Integrate your preferred login providers, including Firebase, Auth0, and Cognito.

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