1️⃣Trigger Types

1. Time Interval

Use this trigger to execute tasks at regular intervals, e.g., every 10 minutes or once every 24 hours. It's like setting a straightforward, recurring alarm.

2. Cron Expressions

This offers a more refined control compared to the Time Interval. With cron expressions, you can set tasks to run at specific moments, such as "every Tuesday at 3 PM" or "on the 1st of every month". It gives you precision in task scheduling.

3. On-Chain Event

Ideal for those wanting their tasks to respond dynamically to blockchain activities. Whenever a specified event occurs on the blockchain, e.g.

   //event creation with argument types and names
   event ownerChanged(address indexed _from, address indexed _to);

this trigger springs your task into action.

4. Every Block

This function operates with the rhythm of the blockchain itself, executing your chosen function each time a new block is created.

Note: Irrespective of the trigger type you opt for, you can tie it to running any of the following:

  • Typescript Function

  • Solidity Function

  • Transaction

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