On & Off-ramp

On & off ramp enable users to convert between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.


Monerium enables sending and receiving euros between any bank account and Web3 wallets with Monerium's EURe stablecoin, bridging traditional and decentralized finance for your L2

Monerium is live with:

EURe Stablecoin: Fully authorized, overcollateralized onchain euro token, easily manageable and exchangeable on major DeFi platform

EUR Transfers: Monerium's web3 IBAN allows for euro transactions between bank accounts and web3 wallets

Payment API: Offer services for account management, payment processing, and automated fiat transactions.


MoonPay facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and NFTs using traditional payment methods such as cards and bank transfers for your L2.

MoonPay is live with:

Off/On ramp: Seamlessly convert traditional money into cryptocurrencies and vice versa with onramp and offramp services.

Swap: Enable users to swap crypto across different chains while benefiting from low transaction fees.

Checkout: Provides a seamless buying experience for brands, creators, and marketplaces, enabling users to purchase NFTs and Web3 Digital Goods with credit or debit cards.

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