Identity & KYC

Add an identity layer to your L2 chain to ensure compliance and minimize risk

Fractal ID

Fractal ID is the KYC identity provider for web3 that works for everyone, everywhere. It is a decentralized identity system for Web3, offering an integrated identity stack for identity creation and access management. The platform streamlines identity processes, allowing for the reusability and portability of verified identity information across dApps


idOS enables a decentralized, chain-agnostic, and self-sovereign identity layer for user data control and ownership on your L2

idOS is live with:

User Control: Users have full ownership and control over their identity data. They can edit, grant, or revoke access to interact with dApps.

Secure Data Storage: Node operators store encrypted user data safely.

dApp Integration: dApps can request read or write access to user data or credentials.

Identity Verification: Providers check user data, issue credentials, and may add them to the user's idOS profile.

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