Bridges allow interoperability in blockchain is the ability for different blockchain systems to communicate and transact with each other seamlessly

LayerZero (Natively Integrated)

Layerzero is Omnichain communication for your L2 that supports direct, trust-minimized communication across multiple blockchain networks.

Developers can easily send arbitrary data, external function calls, and tokens with omnichain messaging while preserving full autonomy and control over their application.


Connext securely interacts with users, tokens, and other applications on any chain with your L2

Connext is live with:

Modular bridge: Design for tailored, secure cross-chain communication, adapting to various transaction needs while ensuring maximum security through an optimal path and an optimistic verification layer.

xERC20: Cross-chain iteration of ERC-20, ensuring seamless transfers across chains without slippage or security compromises.


Hyperlane connects your rollup with any blockchain leveraging the permissionless interoperability layer, right out-of-the-box.

Hyperlane is live with:

Messaging: Utilize on-chain API to seamlessly send and receive interchain messages across any blockchain network.

Interchain Accounts: Easily create and manage accounts on remote chains without the requirement for deploying on those specific chains.

Warp Routes: Bridge any token to any chain without restrictions using Hyperlane, eliminating the need for token whitelisting.

Interchain Queries: Conveniently query the state of any contract on any chain supported by Hyperlane, and effortlessly bring Oracle services to your blockchain or rollup.

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