Gelato's unified multi-chain payments system


When you use each of Gelato's services there are two costs that you need to pay:

  • Gas costs of your executed transactions (or those of your end users if you are sponsoring them)

  • Service fees - Gelato subscriptions or % premiums on the gas costs of each transaction

1Balance makes it easy for you to pay all of your costs across all the networks that you are using from one single easy-to-manage balance.

Supported Gelato Services

Relay and Web3 Functions are currently integrated with 1Balance.

Getting Started

To get started with 1Balance on mainnets you will need USDC on Polygon (plus some MATIC to cover Polygon gas costs for depositing). We will be extending 1Balance support to other networks.

We currently support the bridged version of USDC, USDCe. Make sure you are using the correct USDC token by verifying the contract address. For your convenience, here is the contract address for USDCe on Polygon:

  1. Connect your wallet if you have not already done so

  2. Switch to Polygon

  3. Click on deposit and then approve USDC into your 1Balance

  4. After confirming your deposit transaction in your wallet you will see a Pending deposit appear in your deposits history:

Once the required number of confirmations has been reached your deposit will be credited and your 1Balance is ready for use.

1Balance does not yet support withdrawals - this feature will be added soon. Please select your deposit amount accordingly.


More details on the fees applied by each service are available:

Low Balance Alerts

To ensure that your transactions execute as you expect, it is critical that you have sufficient funds deposited in 1Balance. To help you monitor your balance and receive alerts when it drops below you preferred threshold, we provide a 1Balance Alerts service.

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