Gelato Network
Gelato Relay SDK
Enabling developers to get transactions validated fast, reliably and securely
Gelato Relay enables web3 developers like you to get on with what you do best, building. Gelato handles the blockchain complexities for you, every step of the way, from the moment you initiate the transaction, to the moment it is validated on-chain. We take the utmost care to make sure your transaction is relayed from off-chain to successfully carried out on-chain in the shortest amount of time, reliably within the next few blocks, and with no downtime.
We support 17 EVM networks and a multitude of ways to pay using either native or ERC-20 tokens. In combination with Gelato 1Balance, a flexible cross-chain gas tank system which allows for payment across all 17 networks using just one balance on the chain of your choosing.

What is Gelato Relay SDK?

Gelato Relay SDK offers a convenient suite of functions in order to interact with the Gelato Relay API. Gelato Relay API is a service that allows users and developers to get transactions validated fast, reliably and securely, without having to deal with the low-level complexities of blockchains.
Overview of how Gelato Relay works
As requests are submitted to Gelato Relay, a network of decentralised Gelato Executors will execute and get the transactions validated as soon as possible. EIP-712 signatures enforce the integrity of data, while gas fee payments can be handled in any of our supported payment methods. In this way, developers can rely on Gelato's battle-tested blockchain infrastructure improving the UX, costs, security and liveness of their Web3 systems.​
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