Gelato Network
Gelato Relay SDK
Enabling developers to get transactions mined fast, reliably and securely


Gelato Relay SDK offers a convenient suite of functions in order to interact with Gelato Relay API. Gelato Relay API is a service that allows users and developers to get transactions mined fast, reliably and securely, without having to deal with the low-level complexities of blockchains.
Overview of how Gelato Relay works
As requests are submitted to Gelato Relay API, a network of Gelato Executors will execute and get the transactions mined as soon as they become executable (hence paying for gas fees). ECDSA signatures enforce the integrity of data whenever necessary, while gas fee refunds can be handled in any of our supported payment types. In this way, users and developers no longer have to become their own central point of failure with regards to their blockchain infrastructure, which may improve on the UX, costs, security and liveness of their Web3 systems.
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