Polygon CDK

Zero Knowledge Scaling Solution: Polygon CDK

Chain Development Kit (CDK) for Polygon allows developers to deploy Layer 2 (L2) chains using zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs.

Polygon CDK Features

Hyper Scalability

Gelato L2 chains using Polygon CDK benefit from fast transaction speeds, aligned with Polygon 2.0’s scalable ecosystem.

Lower Gas

Polygon zkEVM transactions are 86% cheaper than Ethereum Mainnet due to ZK proofs and a reduced zkSNARK footprint.

Privacy Options

CDK-developed chains can prioritize privacy, allowing private app chains while maintaining data confidentiality.

EVM equvivalence

Deploy onto the Ethereum Virtual Machine without code changes. Existing smart contracts, tools, and wallets work seamlessly.


Polygon zkEVM uses ZK proofs to enhance transaction efficiency and inherits Ethereum L1's security.

Unified Liquidity

Ensure fluid asset transfers across multiple chains within Polygon 2.0’s L2 ecosystem.

Dedicated Data Availability

With a dedicated data availability layer and DAC, Gelato L2 chains using Polygon’s CDK offer reliable off-chain data access.

Composable Interoperability

Enhanced interoperability through the LXLY Bridge for seamless interaction and asset exchange across blockchains.

Near Instant Finality

Provides near-instant finality and robust security through cryptographic measures.

Get more information about Polygon CDK here, or Schedule call to set up your custom Polygon CDK Gelato L2 testnet.

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