Gelato Network

Testing Web3 Functions

Test your web3 function

To test your Web3 Function locally, run:
npx hardhat w3f-run W3FNAME
npx hardhat w3f-run oracle

Optional flags:

  • --logs Show internal Web3 Function logs
  • --debug Show Runtime debug messages
  • --network [NETWORK] Set the default runtime network & provider.
npx hardhat w3f-run oracle --logs --network hardhat
Web3Function Build result:
✓ Schema: /Users/chuahsonglin/Documents/GitHub/Gelato/contract/w3f-template/web3-functions/oracle/schema.json
✓ Built file: /Users/chuahsonglin/Documents/GitHub/Gelato/contract/w3f-template/.tmp/index.js
✓ File size: 2.47mb
✓ Build time: 947.91ms
Web3Function user args validation:
✓ currency: ethereum
✓ oracle: 0x71B9B0F6C999CBbB0FeF9c92B80D54e4973214da
Web3Function running logs:
> Last oracle update: 0
> Next oracle update: 3600
> Updating price: 1898
Web3Function Result:
✓ Return value: {
canExec: true,
callData: [
to: '0x71B9B0F6C999CBbB0FeF9c92B80D54e4973214da',
data: '0x8d6cc56d000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000076a'
Web3Function Runtime stats:
✓ Duration: 1.35s
✓ Memory: 113.55mb
✓ Storage: 0.03kb
✓ Rpc calls: 3