How to use Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe) with our Gelato App

We recommend using our custom app within Safe for a more reliable connection and smoother user experience. Wallet Connect does sometimes encounter issues and is not recommended.

Setting up Custom Gelato App in Safe

Step 1: Accessing Safe App

Access the official Gnosis Safe website:

Once there, locate and click on the "Launch Wallet" button, highlighted in green and situated in the top right corner.

Step 2: Navigate to your Dashboard

If you're already using Safe, access your dashboard

Step 3: Adding Custom Safe App

Select Custom Apps: Within the Safe Apps section, look for the 'Custom Apps' option. This allows you to add third-party applications that are not listed by default on Safe.

Step 4: Configuring Gelato App

To add the Gelato app, you will need to provide the specific configuration settings. Enter the following details to configure the Gelato app:

  • Safe App URL:

After entering the URL, you will see a confirmation screen like the one shown below.

Once you have entered the configuration details for the Gelato app and accepted the conditions, click 'Add' to finalize the setup.

Final Step: Sign-in with Safe Signature

After completing these steps, the Gelato app will be integrated into your Safe Wallet, ready for you to use. Clicking on it will open up the Gelato app and allow you to sign-in.

You'll be required to sign in through the Safe UI:

If your Safe requires multiple signatures (multi-sig) the sign-in process will need approvals from the minimum number of signers set for your Safe before it can complete

And that's it! You now have full access to the Gelato app!

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