The launch of 3 fully-integrated testnets is a public good initiative by Gelato and 10+ partners to lower the barriers for developers and help them build and test the next generation of applications in a production-ready environment. Our public testnets are entirely free to use, opening up a world of possibilities for developers, students, and innovators worldwide.

What are Gelato's Fully-Integrated Public Testnets?

Developers can start building using one of 3 public testnets:

All testnets include all middleware services from Gelato as well as fully integrated partner services.

Gelato Middleware Integrations

At the heart of our testnets is the Gelato Middleware, a powerful toolset designed to automate and enhance your applications:

Fully-Integrated Partner Services

Our testnets feature a fully integrated web3 service offering with all the web3 infrastructure and tooling you need to build feature-rich applications:

  • Goldsky - read, edit, and sync fresh chain data

  • dRPC - access reliable & globally distributed nodes

  • Blockscout - access essential on-chain data

  • Thirdweb - onboard anyone with flexible sign-in options

  • ZeroDev - create smart wallets for your users

  • Safe - use the most secure smart wallet infrastructure

  • DIA - source data from on and off-chain platforms

  • Tenderly - build, test, monitor, and operate smart contracts

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