Advantages & Highlights

The Gelato bundler & paymaster take a new approach to ERC-4337 and offer various advantages whilst remaining fully compatible with other implementations.

  • All major EVM-compatible networks are supported, including all Gelato Rollups.

  • 1Balance paymaster sponsors operations across all networks with just a single deposit. This allows for easier accounting & management of funds as well as increased transparency.

  • Transaction fees are settled post-execution so users are charged exact amounts and not overcharged like is common with other bundlers (e.g., preVerificationGas).

  • Cheaper transactions due to not incurring on-chain paymaster and fee transfer overhead.

  • Instant inclusion as there is no need to wait for other UserOperations to form a bundle.

  • MeV Protection as all transactions on Ethereum Mainnet are executed through Flashbots.

  • Smart Accounts have unlimited freedom during validation & execution - no blacklisted opcodes or restrictive gas limits. This enables more elaborate signature verification and authentication logic.

  • Built on top of the existing Relay infrastructure which is battle-tested and scalable.

The key difference between Gelato and other bundlers is that no EntryPoint deposit or on-chain paymaster is required. Instead, 1Balance settles transaction fees post-execution across all supported networks.

This avoids per-chain user deposits and ensures that the exact amount of gas consumed is charged with 100% accuracy. This is possible by setting maxFeePerGas=0 so that the EntryPoint doesn't require any fee payment (requiredPrefund=0).

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