Gelato Network Contracts

Intro to Gelato's use of the Diamond Proxy pattern

Gelato Network is designed to handle the rapidly evolving multi-chain landscape with its diversity of L1, L2 and sidechain designs. Significant differences can be found across aspects such as consensus mechanisms, block times, likelihood of block re-orgs and transaction fee models.

To handle the nuances that each blockchain design entails, GelatoV2 smart contracts follow a modular upgradeability standard: EIP-2535 Diamond Proxy.

Diamond Proxy Pattern

A Diamond contains:

  • Proxy contract that holds all state variables.

  • Facets which are smart contracts that implement any desired functionality and can be replaced at any time.

  • Libraries, which can be used to share state variables and utility functions across all Facets.

Benefits of Diamond Proxy Pattern

  • Having a single smart contract holding all the state, while not running into issues of exceeding bytecode size.

  • Ability to share state variables and functions between multiple Facets.

  • Fine-grained control in terms of which components of the protocol to upgrade. This means that protocol upgrades are gas-efficient.

  • Optionality of changing GelatoV2 from upgradeable to immutable at any time, simply by revoking rights to upgrade Facets.

Implementing GelatoV2 as a Diamond means that we can easily accommodate new use cases by eliminating integration friction with users and developers, adapt to lower level changes such as a chain changing from the legacy transaction fee model to EIP-1559, and simply adding or removing features as needed without enforcing strong opinions at the application interface level.

GelatoV2 on Ethereum mainnet can be found here:

Facets of GelatoV2

Brief guide to the facets that make up GelatoV2 on Ethereum mainnet:



Used to make upgrades to the Diamond, such as removing and adding new Facets, and possibly initialising their state variables upon deployment.


Helper smart contract which allows one to inspect all Facets in the Diamond at any given time.


Manage the ownership of GelatoV2, whose owner is currently the Gelato Multisig smart contract.


Manage Gelato specific utility smart contracts such as the gas price oracle and oracle aggregator.


Backward compatibility with GelatoV1.


Coordination algorithm between multiple Gelato executors.


Manage Gelato executors.


Manage Gelato executors that submit their tasks as Flashbots bundles.


Manage accounting of transaction fees, and soon also payroll to Gelato executors.


Main Facet. All tasks submitted to Gelato will be routed through the exec method.


Facet where some use-case specific calls will be routed. Currently deprecated.


Similar to ExecFacet, but automatically handles token swaps upon payment. Currently deprecated.


Fee withdrawal from GelatoV2, managed by Gelato Multisig.

Implementations of GelatoV2 on other chains can also be found on Louper.

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