Gelato Network

Migrating from Chainlink VRF

Already using Chainlink VRF? Here's how you can quickly and easily migrate to GelatoVRF.

1. Understand the Implications

While this migration option is available, be aware that it can lead to higher gas costs and added development intricacies. We advise this route only if:
  • You've already deployed a Chainlink VRF Consumer.
  • Your Chainlink VRF Consumer has the capability to update its Coordinator address.
Otherwise, for new integrations, we recommend directly implementing the Gelato VRF.

Initiate Migration

If you're set on migrating an existing Chainlink VRF Consumer:
  • Begin by creating your VRF task. In the "VRF Type" selection window, opt for "VRF Compatibility".
  • Choose the blockchain network for deployment.
You will then be asked to deploy your Adapter contract:
Once deployed, the app will show you the address to which the adapter contract was deployed. You now need to replace the old Coordinator address in your contract by this address.
Finally, select the Request Contract Gelato nodes should respond to.