Faucets & Bridging

Obtaining Testnet Tokens

To learn about the unique bridging process on Arbitrum Blueberry, head over to:

Special Process for Arbitrum Blueberry

For OP Raspberry & Polygon Blackberry:

To acquire testnet tokens for network transactions, utilize public faucets that distribute sepolia ETH. After receiving sepolia ETH, bridge them to the Layer-2 network using the provided bridge service.

Connecting Wallet to Testnet

Configure your wallet to connect to the sepolia testnet where you can receive sepolia ETH.

Using Public Faucets

Access the following faucets to obtain sepolia ETH:


Once you have the sepolia ETH, proceed to bridge them to the

for testing and development purposes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Official Bridge Portal

  1. Visit the official Bridge Portal and connect your wallet.

  2. Choose Ethereum as your source and one of the public testnets as the destination.

  3. Input the amount of assets you want to bridge.

  4. Confirm and sign the transaction with your wallet.

Wait for the bridging process to complete. The assets will then be available in your wallet on the public testnet networks.

After the transaction is confirmed, the bridged assets will reflect in your wallet, allowing you to interact with the network and its dApps.

Special Process for Arbitrum Blueberry

Arbitrum Blueberry utilizes a custom gas token, which requires a different acquisition process. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Minting CGT on Arb Sepolia: Begin by visiting the designated faucet for Arb Sepolia to mint your CGT. This initial step is crucial for obtaining the gas token needed for transactions on Arbitrum Blueberry. Access the faucet here.

  2. Bridging CGT to Arbitrum Blueberry: After minting CGT on Arb Sepolia, the next step involves bridging these tokens to Arbitrum Blueberry. This process is facilitated through Arbitrum Blueberry bridge service designed to seamlessly transfer your CGT, enabling you to use it for transaction fees within the Arbitrum Blueberry environment.

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