Custom Deployment

The Custom Rollup option is for users who need a highly customizable rollup chain. This deployment path allows you to configure every aspect of your rollup, from the framework to the data availability layer.

Steps for Custom Rollup Deployment

  1. Enter a Rollup Name: Provide a unique name for your rollup.

  2. Framework Selection: Choose from various frameworks such as OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, and Polygon CDK.

  3. Data Availability Layer: Choose the appropriate Data Availability layer, including options like Ethereum, Celestia, Eigen DA, or Avail.

  4. Environment: Select "Testnet" or "Mainnet" depending on your deployment requirements.

  5. Integrations: Request additional integrations to suit your project needs. Options include middleware, bridges, identity/KYC, multisig safe, on/off ramp, NFT marketplace, oracles, and wallet infrastructure.

Finalize and Deploy

  • Review Configuration: Ensure all configurations are correct and tailored to your project requirements.

  • Schedule Deployment: Coordinate with the Gelato team to finalize service agreements and deployment schedules.

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