Gelato Network


At Gelato, we have a strong ecosystem of vetted 3rd party infrastructure providers for rapid deployment of your tailored App or Ecosystem chains. At Gelato, we handle all heavy lifting—no negotiations or manual setups are required. Gelato Rollups go beyond standard offerings by integrating essential services from the Genesis block onwards. Each Gelato RaaS chain comes equipped with;
RPC: Query and transact with your rollup via high-performance APIs
Block Explorer: View and search transaction histories, block details and network activity
Bridge UI: Easily transfer assets between your rollup and its Layer 1 network
TX Debugger: Inspect, trace and debug transactions to help identify and fix issues
Account Abstraction: Simplified user accounts based on smart-contracts
Web3 Functions: Comprehensive automation solution supporting both on & off-chain data
VRF Randomness: Secure and verifiable way to generate random numbers
Multi-sig Support: Enhanced security requiring multiple parties to agree on tx executions
On/Off-Ramps: Easy conversion between fiat currencies and your L2 cryptos