Gelato Network
Network and fees
Gelato Ops are on these networks.


  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Polygon/Matic
  • Fantom
  • Binance Smart Chain (coming soon)
  • Arbitrum (coming soon)
  • Avalanche (coming soon)


  • Ropsten
  • Rinkeby
  • Goerli


UPDATE: Until the end of 2021, Gelato charges 0% fees!
Transactions on e.g. Ethereum are not free. Gelato executors pay the transaction fee to miners and thus need to get their costs refunded + a small incentive added to make it worth operating the infrastructure. The fee structure is as follows.
Ethereum Mainnet - Execution gas cost + 10%
Polygon/Matic - Execution gas cost + 100%
All other networks - Execution gas cost + 50%
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