Gelato Network

Block Explorers


Blockscout is a comprehensive, easy-to-use block explorer for viewing, confirming, and inspecting transactions on your L2
Blockscout is live with:
Deep Search: Integrated search capabilities provide detailed information on transactions, tags, and more.
Contract Interaction: Engage with contracts directly through the Blockscout UI.
Contract Verification: Multiple tools are available for swift and reliable contract verification
API Requests: Standardized and customizable endpoints ensure seamless API interactions.
Custom Views: The user interface can be tailored with features like tags, watchlists, and more.


OnDora leverages a multi-ecosystem blockchain search engine for your L2.
Dora Search Engine offers a seamless integration with Gelato L2 chains, allowing users to efficiently extract, visualize, and review network metrics from the genesis block. It features a user-friendly UI, ensuring a smooth user experience and enables tracking of Transfers, Swaps, and Mints within a multi-chain environment


Etherscan is the leading block explorer and search, API & analytics platform for your L2 chain
Transaction Tracking: View and search for Ethereum transactions, blocks, and addresses.
Smart Contract Analysis: Analyze and verify smart contracts.
Gas Tracker: Monitor Ethereum gas prices.
Token Explorer: Explore ERC-20 tokens and their activities.
Blockchain Analytics: Access detailed data and analytics on Ethereum network activities.
Developer APIs: Provide APIs for developers to interact with Ethereum blockchain data.