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Gelato is an all-in-one Ethereum Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform built without limits.

Designed to be super-fast, incredibly secure and infinitely scalable, Gelato rollups allow anyone to build and deploy their fully serviced Layer 2 chains at a pace natively integrated with web3's favorite tools and services launching a production-ready web3 development environment right from the Genesis block.

Leveraging Gelato's Rollup-as-a-Service platform, developers can take full advantage of the benefits offered by zero-knowledge and optimistic Rollup technologies with alternative data availability (DA) layers as an option. This allows them to tap into enhanced scalability and reduced transaction costs.

Execution Frameworks

- OP Stack - Arbitrum Orbit - Polygon CDK

Data Availability

- Celestia - Avail

In addition, Gelato RaaS goes beyond just deploying, hosting, and monitoring your Layer 2 chains. It provides developers with native integrations with Gelato’s industry-leading Web3 middleware services including automation, off-chain data, and Account Abstraction to enable superior UX. Moreover, the platform provides out-of-the-box, native access to tier-one web3 services such as Etherscan, The Graph, LayerZero, and many more.

Gelato is web3’s leading Cloud Platform with over 480 dApps relying on Gelato services to power the execution of millions of transactions across DeFi, NFT, Gaming, and more.

This documentation presents detailed guides on:

Why Choose Gelato RaaS?

Easy to deploy

Complex operations do not scale. Gelato offers an intuitive UI enabling no-code deployment, monitoring and management of Ethereum rollups leveraging advanced frameworks like Arbitrum Orbit, OP Stack or Polygon CDK and Data Availability layers like Celestia or Avail.

Working with Gelato unlocks efficiencies and reduces engineering overhead, which in turn means your developers can spend their time working on new features instead of re-creating or maintaining existing ones. Built ON Gelato means your devs don’t need to worry about infrastructure dependencies, and essential web3 service integrations, ultimately reducing deployment and maintenance time significantly saving up to 1 million dollars of development costs in a year.

Modularity & Performance

Gelato RaaS adopts a modular architecture that significantly improves performance and customization by separating data availability and consensus from execution. The platform provides execution layers and data availability choices, enabling users to select scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions like Rollups, Validiums, and Plasma. This versatility aids in creating high-volume applications with low transaction fees like on-chain gaming, social/micro DeFi solutions, and secure financial applications for institutions, including payment systems and DeFi platforms.

Natively Integrated Tools & Services

Gelato RaaS integrates with your favorite Web3 tools and services, providing an end-to-end integrated L2 infrastructure. Features include the Gelato middleware suite with smart contract automation, secure data access with Functions, gasless transactions, verifiable random numbers, auto-scaling RPC nodes, and a block explorer. Additionally, it also integrates with over +23 3rd party infra providers for fully serviced L2 chains with native Safe UI, indexers, oracles, bridges, and more.

High Reliability & Multi-Cloud

Gelato's RaaS offers a multi-cloud and globally distributed infrastructure, designed for high availability and fault tolerance as fundamental principles, resulting in a resilient and robust infrastructure. This approach is essential for mitigating service disruptions and guaranteeing consistent performance.

Dive Deeper into the Gelato RaaS

Ready to deploy your first Gelato L2 chain and learn more about possibilities to customize your chain to your user's needs?

  • Follow our simple Getting Started guide to launch your Layer-2 Chains with Gelato.

  • For a detailed overview of Gelato's offerings, read our Execution Framework section to learn about available execution and data availability solutions.

  • Explore our turnkey marketplace offering with more than 25+ integrations

Our team of highly qualified blockchain developers and ecosystem growth experts are here to support you on this journey all the way.

Gelato RaaS is the future of blockchain and Ethereum's scaling.

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