Gelato Automate UI

Easy-to-use interface for you to create and manage your tasks

To submit a task, head to the Gelato Automate UI.

Click on New Task.

  • Choose a name for your task. (e.g. "Harvest vault every 10 minutes")

Execution contract details

  • Fill in the contract address which has the function you want to automate.

  • Select the function you want to automate.

If your function accepts arguments

  • Choose how you want your arguments to be passed.

If you are not sure about this, see Defining function inputs

Dedicated msg.sender

The system will inform you of the address of msg.sender when your task is being executed.

When to execute

Pre-defined inputs

With pre-defined inputs chosen, you will see two options:

Time - Task will be repeatedly executed at the interval frequency you specify after the start time you enter.

Whenever possible - Task will be executed continuously whenever the transaction will not fail.

Make sure the function can only be executed from time to time if "Whenever possible" is selected

Dynamic inputs via resolver

If you are using a resolver, fill in the resolver address that is deployed.

Paying for fees

Choose how you would like to pay for the execution fees for your task.

Deposit some tokens if "Gelato Balance" is chosen.

If you are not sure about this, see Paying for your transactions

Task name (optional)

You will be prompted to enter a task name with some suggestions based on your contract. This is optional but if you have multiple tasks it will be much easier to track which task does what if you give it a name. Names are not stored on-chain.

When you click Create Task you will be asked to sign a message to confirm the name and then sign a transaction to create your task on-chain.


Once your task creation transaction has been confirmed you will be redirected to the Task Page:

Here you can see your task's details and monitor its task logs and executions.

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