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Basic Example

For this basic example we'll be executing a task to a regular schedule.
Interactive Example
Step-by-step Example
If you prefer a more interactive experience, please follow the Tutorial on the official Gelato Automate website. In this tutorial, you will get to mint a Gelato ice cream NFT which you can "lick", but only every 5 minutes, otherwise you get "brainfreeze". We recommend you do the Tutorial on Polygon or Goerli.
To accomplish this, you can create a task to automate this licking using Gelato in order to not having to do it manually yourself.
Look out for this graphic to get started:
Here is a checklist on how you can automate your smart contract.
If you have any questions at any point in time, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram or Discord

1. Prepare your Smart contract to be automated

Find out the smart contract address and the function you would want to automate. There are a few restrictions that can prevent the function from being called by Gelato.

2. Define the condition

You can tell Gelato exactly when do you want your function to be called. For complex cases, you would need a resolver.

3. Define your payment method

Gelato allows task creators to pay executors before or during the execution depending on their needs. Check out here.

4. Submitting your task

In-depth Tutorials

Many use cases involve writing a resolver to enable Gelato to constantly evaluate whether the conditions for your task to be executed have been met.
In this excellent tutorial, you learn a real-world use case - automating a NFT rental marketplace - using Gelato Automate and Truffle: