Basic Example

For this basic example we'll be executing a task to a regular schedule.

If you prefer a more interactive experience, please follow the Tutorial on the official Gelato Automate website. In this tutorial, you will get to mint a Gelato ice cream NFT which you can "lick", but only every 5 minutes, otherwise you get "brainfreeze". We recommend you do the Tutorial on Polygon or Goerli.

To accomplish this, you can create a task to automate this licking using Gelato in order to not having to do it manually yourself.

Look out for this graphic to get started:

In-depth Tutorials

Many use cases involve writing a resolver to enable Gelato to constantly evaluate whether the conditions for your task to be executed have been met.

In this excellent tutorial, you learn a real-world use case - automating a NFT rental marketplace - using Gelato Automate and Truffle:

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